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Unvaccinated is a 20-minute documentary short made in 2022 as part of my PhD research.


I am working with Australians who have decided not to have a Covid vaccine. Together, we're looking at what influenced their decisions, and how their decision not to be vaccinated has impacted their lives. I would like to thank my participants for their trust in bringing their stories to a wide audience.

In 2023, the project will expand into a full-length documentary. At the time of writing this, I am still interested to hear from anyone in Melbourne who is not Covid-vaccinated, and is interested to talk about their choices on camera. 

To watch the short film and hear more about the research project, please contact me using the form below. For distribution enquiries, please use the same form.



Coming soon

Bunyip is a micro-budget action/thriller currently in post production. Shot in and around Sydney and the Blue Mountains, this Aussie creature feature follows a group of hikers who inadvertently stumble into the territory of one of Australia's most frightening legends, the bunyip. 

As they soon discover, some legends have teeth...




Coffee is my first feature-length film as writer/director/producer.


Shot over 16 days in 2009, it is a micro-budget Australian drama that follows a group of uni students trying to come to grips with Australia's harsh border policies in the early 2000s. With breakout performances from a young cast, Coffee was warmly received by select audiences in screenings in 2010. 




Shut In is an experimental short film produced in 2011. My second film as writer/director/producer, Shut In screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011 in the Short Film Corner. 



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