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Journal Prompt 7

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Write a note to yourself and list the following - this can be about your life or your research, or how they connect – spend no more than 20 minutes:

List of ten things that I should start doing List of ten things that I should stop doing.

Dear Denby. You're a bit flat out at the moment, it's true. Between the book, the PhD, work and life, you've got a lot on. So let's look at some things that could help (things to move towards) and things that aren't helping (things to move away from). This is a value system that works better for you than internally nagging yourself about stopping or starting something.

Away from:

Nail biting. Enough is enough.

Agreeing to silly deadlines. Remember Murphy: 'Everything takes longer than you think it will.'

Stressing about missing deadlines that weren't feasible in the first place.

Stressing about getting fat and weak. It is not making you thinner or stronger.

Wondering when everyone is going to find out that you're not as good as advertised. This is a waste of brain space and it's probably taking up the spot where the definition of 'heuristics' is meant to go.

Chasing the daily case numbers like some kind of deranged bingo player is not helping your inner sense of Zen.

Trying to find ten things you're doing wrong. Towards:

Add some weights training into your week. Running ain't keeping the Corona kilos away.

A weekend bike ride or other allowable outing. I know you're tired, but see point one.

Unpack that final box. Go on, you'll work out where to put everything. Just because the top item is gardening gloves, that doesn't mean that the whole box will be as useless in your 8th-floor apartment.

More reading! Audiobooks and long runs are awesome.

More green leafy veggies. Starting with dinner tonight!

More snuggles. There are never enough snuggles. You have a willing snuggle partner whose availability is currently not being used to maximum snuggle capacity.

More doing your tax return. Like, any doing your tax return at all would be good. Before the end of this month.

More getting the washing off the clothes line when it's dry. Just because it's out of sight in the laundry does not mean that is a new sector of your wardrobe. Put the stuff away.

I shot this pic of Annapurna I in Nepal in 2015. I was on assignment, and Nikon had supplied a spectacularly expensive camera, which I received literally on the way to the airport. It was a funny thing. I spent the whole trip feeling like I wasn't a good enough shooter to have this really fancy gear, and I got all weird when people would ask me whether I was a photographer. Having the gold seal of this camera, supplied by a company as prestigious as Nikon, and a commission from the SMH, did nothing to make me feel like I 'belonged' in this job. The tension of feeling not good enough, and still trying to deliver good journalism, was nearly unbearable during the trip.

It's a good lesson in not letting that inner voice of doubt ruin your day. You either are, or are not, good enough. Worrying about it ain't going to change it.

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